Skin Care

Sensitive skin

These are exfoliated at least every 10 days because the more friction on the skin we stimulate more the sebaceous glands and generate more bait Goji Cream Review.” If it is a sensitive skin, care must be taken not to generate more irritation and sensitivity if it is unknown how to use the exfoliating product.

In the first years of youth, the expert advises, both for the day and for the night, moisturizers, a soft decongesting eye contour gel and a sunscreen. “In the case of oily skin, which is the most common at this age, it is excellent to recommend 1 or 2 times a week masks for oily skin and wash your face with specific products for this type of problem,” he says.

Although it is not visible, at this age we begin with the first skin dysfunctions, lack of energy, loss of water, the natural defenses of the skin begin their first steps to degradation and present themselves in the lines of expression (Goji Cream Review) fatigue marks eye area and lack of luminosity in the skin.


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